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Research Area: Electrical Connectors

Electrical Connectors
  • Status: Concept

Some animatronic fursuits will have batteries, sensors, processing units, and actuators in different areas. They will need to make connections between the body and head, and possibly between the body and paws. To provide a good user experience, these connectors should have the following properties:

A MagSafe plug and socket
An Apple MagSafe plug and socket

The MagSafe series of connectors, which Apple used on their laptop computers from 2006 to 2018, meet most of these requirements. The plug and socket are held together with magnets, making them very easy to connect and disconnect. Because their contacts are symmetrical, they work when connected in either orientation.

The Rosenberger Group makes a series of magnetic-latching connectors that might be useful in fursuits. The M9K102-199L connector has 15 contacts and is 11 mm thick. Unfortunately, only a very limited selection of these connectors is available from well-known electronics distributors.

To connect to paws, where space is more limited, a custom magnetic connector might be required. This connector could use a small circuit board with spring-loaded contact pins soldered to it. The board would be enclosed in a 3D-printed housing along with the magnets. When connected, the pins would press against copper areas on a small circuit board on the mating connector.