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Feliform Labs

The first Feliform Labs project: an ocelot fursuit

A photo of an ocelot
An ocelot

To demonstrate our animatronic technology, Feliform Labs is developing a full ocelot fursuit. This is an ambitious project that will not happen quickly, but the end result will be impressive.

Why an ocelot?

Ocelots (Leopardus pardalis) are medium-sized felines found in South America, Central America, Mexico, and some parts of the soutwestern United States.

The species decision was mainly based on personal preference, but some other factors contributed. Ocelots have interesting fur markings with an unusual amount of variety, incorporating spots, stripes, and bordered areas of color. At the same time, ocelots are relatively obscure both in the Furry fandom and among the general population. According to the Fur Science survey results, ocelots accounted for only about 0.18% of fursonas. A high-quality ocelot fursuit would help spread awareness of another interesting species.

Planned features

This fursuit will have the best aesthetic and comfort features seen in today's suits:

In addition, we will incorporate the results of some of our animatronics research:


2020-07-11: We have working prototypes for several features. We're continuing to learn and improve our methods. We expect to finish the fursuit around December 2020. Updates will be posted in the news section.

2021-11-07: All non-animatronic parts of the suit are done. The tail and head are undergoing final tests and assembly. We decided to make the retractable claws use normal non-animatronic technology because all the other ideas were too complicated and not reliable enough. The suit will be done by January 2022.