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Animatronic Tail 2: Movement Test

The improved soft animatronic tail is undergoing final testing. Here is a new video demonstrating how it moves:

I²S Crosstalk

The current animatronic ear prototype has a central control board that processes audio from four microphones. These microphones send audio through the I²S protocol, which is a fairly simple digital serial protocol for audio.

Further Confusion 2020 Visit

I brought the tail, ear, eye, and claw prototypes to Further Confusion 2020 to show them to people. My tail advertisement showed up on the displays in the theming area, and…

Ear Controller: v0.1 Review, v0.2 Design

I've finished testing version 0.1 of the ear controller prototype board and made significant progress on version 0.2. Here is a summary of the results.

Version 0.1

The three power supplies worked well. The TI LMZ14203H, using a design generated by the WEBENCH Power Designer, produced a solid 6 volt supply from the 12 volt input. It handled sudden servo movements without major…